About us

We are a young company, DEDICATED AND PASSIONATE about what we do. Started in 2022 in Portugal, to serve the sports segment in the Padel and Beach Tennis categories, our purpose is to spread these sports categories around the world offering products with the highest technology and design, to arouse even more interest in the sport.

PAAR products were developed for athletes who seek speed, adventure and fun, and who want to connect with the feeling of freedom during movement in each play.
PAAR is a brand that runs in the veins.

Our products

All our products are developed based on the relationship between man and speed. Few things promote as much seduction as those that provide movement and agility.

With speed, the individual has the feeling of becoming more powerful, dynamic and robust, and less vulnerable. The PAAR racket line was designed and developed so that athletes have this emotion and excellent performance in every game.

Discover each of the applied technologies that attest to the quality of our rackets.

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